Tuesday, 17 January 2012

dead and gone

hye everyone..
im back with a lonely and a sober heart..yeahh i know its sound cheesy but i guess
its the correct way to explain what inside of me..
he's gone..and this time i'll guess forever..
and i think this is the best way for both of us..
i cant cope with what he's doing to me,and same goes to him..
he said that "im not enough for him"
so then i prefer to let him go..
so dear my past life,please dont come and begging me again
cause i wont bother anymore..you hurt me this time..SO MUCH!
so just leave me alone with my beautiful life..
go and have your "bitches" in  your life..
stop harrasing me..that's all.
for me you are dead and gone.FULLSTOP.


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